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About the company

Family company Gatex d.o.o. For almost 20 years, it has been engaged in the sale and development of concrete spacers from the microarmed mass. In our history, spacers were supplied by many of the largest Slovenian construction companies, such as Primorje, SCT and Vegrad, and we are still, and still are, a lot of partners with companies from the territory of the former Yugoslavia.


  • Viaduct Black Cal
  • Trojan tunnel
  • Tunnel Submarine
  • Tunnel of Lobice and Viaducts from Ločica to Jasovnik
  • Ljubljana and Maribor bypass
  • Adaptation of viaduct Ravbarkomanda and Ivanje village
  • The fast Rebernice road
  • Viaduct Black Cal
  • Ankaran intersection
  • Kastelec and Dekaani tunnels
  • Stožice
  • Prekmurje highway
  • Renovation of Bevkov trg in Nova Gorica
  • Blanca Hydroelectric Power Plant
  • Numerous treatment plants across Slovenia
  • Blue House (Ljubljana)
  • Many other facilities, viaducts and tunnels


Gatex d.o.o.

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Gatex d.o.o. production and development of concrete spacers

Monday-Friday: 7.00 - 15.00.
By agreement, picking of consignments is also possible outside of working hours.

Phone and fax in the office:
  • Phone: 05 30 52 557
  • fax: 05 39 53 098
Whenever you can send an e-mail or call on a mobile phone:
  • e-mail:
  • GSM: +386 31 712 026 Simon Gašparin